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The Champions of Funnelville 1

We began with a glorious victory defending our hometown from a vile cult. Funnelville is the working title of an upcoming adventure.

Next we trekked to a nearby port town from which we had not heard from recently. The Village of Death from 2 Old Guys Games.

We next attacked the castle of the castle of the Emerald Enchanter and killed him in the second encounter (or so we thought).

Moving North along the coast, we travelled to Black Reef Harbor. There had been a shipwreck and the Princess of Fu-Lamia was on board. We searched the island and had many a strange adventure (Shadow Under Devil’s Reef).

We find a strange cave filled with many wonders (The Wizardarium of Calabraxis) that the GM probably should have read up on before dishing out.

Leaving the Wizardarium, we explored the shipwreck and then found the tunnel to the Shadow Under Devil’s Reef. We did very well but in the end had little trouble with some truculent dice. The entire party was felled to a charm person. The curtain was drawn as the Elder Things began their vile experiments on our poor party.

Huzzah! A party of 0-levels have come to rescue the party from these evil scientists. The dice favored them. They were able to rescue the party but not before their bodies were mutilated with cybernetic implants (rolled from Cyber Crawl Classics).

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Halfling Pipeweed

This is a sneak peak of content from the forth coming Dank Elf zine created for the attendees of the 2021 Spawn of Cyclops Con.

No self respecting halfling is without their pipe and some good pipeweed. Any halfling may take half a day wistfully roaming unexplored territory to roll on the mundane pipeweed table. Other than standard pipeweed, these supplements must be picked wild.

Using pipeweed

Any halfling may take an action to light their pipe provided they have some pipeweed. One dose of pipeweed will last half the day. With their pipe lit, the halfling may take an action to add a dose of medicinal herbs and experience the effects listed below.

Halfling Pipeweed Table

Roll 3d14 +Luck +/-3 for location (Barren, well trod -3; Normal 0; Distant, magical +3)

Roll Name Amount Effect Duration Carried
<22 Nothing found
22-25 Pipeweed 2d6 None (5sp/dose in shops where halflings reside) 1/2 day
26 Gassy Webcap 1d6 Heal 1hp
27 Cape Sundew 1d5 +1 Initiative
28 Sneezewort 1d3 +1 luck, non-permanent and burned first 1 turn
29 Lentil Shanklet 1 +1 Initiative 1 day
30 Sneezewort 1d3 +1 Sneak & hide 1 turn
31 Whiskery Milkcap 1d6 +1 Stamina Mod/Fortitude 1 turn
32 Turquoise Elfcup 1d6 +1 Personality Mod/Will 1 day
33 Witches’ Butter 1d6 +1 Agility mod/Reflex 1 day
34 Snaketongue Truffleclub 1d4 Act +1 1 turn
35 Strangler Fig 1 Detect falsehood 3 rounds
36 Silver Torch Cactus 1 Feather fall from a great height 2 rounds
37 Lithops 1 1d3+1 luck, non-permanent and burned first
38 Hydnora 1d3 Act +1d, -2 Personality 3 turns
39 Dragon Arum 1d3 +1d Saving throws 1 day
40 Purple Jelly Disc 1 18 Intelligence, Act -1d 1 day
41 Bladderwort 1 +1d All rolls 1 day
42 Reroll 2x 1d10+30
43 Reroll 3x 1d10+30
44 Roll on Magical Pipeweed table

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Cheap Classes for DCC: Barbarian

Design Notes

One thing I love about DCC is that to be a barbarian you just “I am a barbarian” and have some barbaric mighty deeds. But this is for the player that just wants to smash stuff instead of think up mighty deeds.

Mostly a Warrior with no mighty deeds. Berserker mode adds a random element and removes some player control, as it should. There is a natural AC bonus that increases with level but is modified by the Armor Check penalty. The barbarian’s, action dice, and fort save is slightly better than the warrior while the will save and attack bonus are decreased.


Hit points: 1d12 hit points per level

Weapon training: A barbarian is trained in the use of these weapons: battleaxe, club, crossbow, dagger, handaxe, javelin, longsword, mace, polearm, shortbow, short sword, sling, spear, staff, two-handed sword, and warhammer. Barbarians may wear any armor but the armor’s check penalty offsets their natural, agility based, armor class bonus.

Notably absent from the weapons list is the longbow which would require additional training to master.

Armor class:  The barbarian gains an armor class bonus based on their level. This bonus is reduced by any armor check penalty or any other agility modifier.

Attack: Berserker Die, same as Deed Die but no mighty deeds. Max roll on the berserker die and the barbarian goes berserk. The player may choose to roll any die lower on the dice chain (make the fight harder to make yourself angrier and more likely to go berserk). The player may burn a point of Intelligence to avoid entering Berserker Mode.

Berserker: When facing a threat and rolling the maximum value on the berserker die, the barbarian goes berserk until their are no reachable enemies or he/she burns 2 points of intelligence. A berserk barbarian adds their level to their armor class. The barbarian gains an additional action die -1d on the dice chain from their current lowest action die. This action may be used during the current round.

Going berserk imposes the following additional modifiers to saving throws; +2 Fort, +2 Reflex, -2 Will.

It is not possible to enter berserk mode at will. In other words, the roll that goes berserk must be against a real threat.

After a going berserk the barbarian freaks out.

Freak Out (d6):

  1. Attack closest anything once at -d1 attack and damage. 
  2. Destroy furniture sized object. As above if no object available. 
  3. Strip clothes and bathe in the blood of your enemies. 
  4. Run around screaming in people’s faces. 
  5. Victory cry / dance
  6. Flex 

See Red: Burn personality to Increase attack, damage and crit rolls for 1 round/level. Your armor class is reduced by the same amount.

Barbarian Table

LevelAttack (Berserk Die)Crit Die/TableThreat RangeAction DiceAC BonusRefFortWill