Halfling Pipeweed

This is a sneak peak of content from the forth coming Dank Elf zine created for the attendees of the 2021 Spawn of Cyclops Con.

No self respecting halfling is without their pipe and some good pipeweed. Any halfling may take half a day wistfully roaming unexplored territory to roll on the mundane pipeweed table. Other than standard pipeweed, these supplements must be picked wild.

Using pipeweed

Any halfling may take an action to light their pipe provided they have some pipeweed. One dose of pipeweed will last half the day. With their pipe lit, the halfling may take an action to add a dose of medicinal herbs and experience the effects listed below.

Halfling Pipeweed Table

Roll 3d14 +Luck +/-3 for location (Barren, well trod -3; Normal 0; Distant, magical +3)

Roll Name Amount Effect Duration Carried
<22 Nothing found
22-25 Pipeweed 2d6 None (5sp/dose in shops where halflings reside) 1/2 day
26 Gassy Webcap 1d6 Heal 1hp
27 Cape Sundew 1d5 +1 Initiative
28 Sneezewort 1d3 +1 luck, non-permanent and burned first 1 turn
29 Lentil Shanklet 1 +1 Initiative 1 day
30 Sneezewort 1d3 +1 Sneak & hide 1 turn
31 Whiskery Milkcap 1d6 +1 Stamina Mod/Fortitude 1 turn
32 Turquoise Elfcup 1d6 +1 Personality Mod/Will 1 day
33 Witches’ Butter 1d6 +1 Agility mod/Reflex 1 day
34 Snaketongue Truffleclub 1d4 Act +1 1 turn
35 Strangler Fig 1 Detect falsehood 3 rounds
36 Silver Torch Cactus 1 Feather fall from a great height 2 rounds
37 Lithops 1 1d3+1 luck, non-permanent and burned first
38 Hydnora 1d3 Act +1d, -2 Personality 3 turns
39 Dragon Arum 1d3 +1d Saving throws 1 day
40 Purple Jelly Disc 1 18 Intelligence, Act -1d 1 day
41 Bladderwort 1 +1d All rolls 1 day
42 Reroll 2x 1d10+30
43 Reroll 3x 1d10+30
44 Roll on Magical Pipeweed table