The Champions of Funnelville 1

We began with a glorious victory defending our hometown from a vile cult. Funnelville is the working title of an upcoming adventure.

Next we trekked to a nearby port town from which we had not heard from recently. The Village of Death from 2 Old Guys Games.

We next attacked the castle of the castle of the Emerald Enchanter and killed him in the second encounter (or so we thought).

Moving North along the coast, we travelled to Black Reef Harbor. There had been a shipwreck and the Princess of Fu-Lamia was on board. We searched the island and had many a strange adventure (Shadow Under Devil’s Reef).

We find a strange cave filled with many wonders (The Wizardarium of Calabraxis) that the GM probably should have read up on before dishing out.

Leaving the Wizardarium, we explored the shipwreck and then found the tunnel to the Shadow Under Devil’s Reef. We did very well but in the end had little trouble with some truculent dice. The entire party was felled to a charm person. The curtain was drawn as the Elder Things began their vile experiments on our poor party.

Huzzah! A party of 0-levels have come to rescue the party from these evil scientists. The dice favored them. They were able to rescue the party but not before their bodies were mutilated with cybernetic implants (rolled from Cyber Crawl Classics).

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